Good Grief (1 of 2)

Good Grief!

What’s that all about?

Briggs & Lockwood are back in the Ludus Dance studio this week developing their third outdoor duet.

First, they gave you a cake calamity, then magic mayhem, and now, if that wasn’t enough, they are tackling one of the most mysterious of things in our known world, death.

By dancing with the reaper, tempting fate and falling down the rabbit hole into the blackest of black, they will attempt to make light of the dark and challenge the British ‘stiff upper lip’, in a dark (but light) dance theatre, comedy slapstick extravaganza!

“The way we process death in our country is stupid. Sit down, stay quiet, keep it in. We need to redefine death and grief and learn how to embrace these admittedly complex, but very natural states of being. We can’t escape the carbon cycle yet, so why not throw caution to the wind and emote.” – Anthony Briggs

Briggs & Lockwood will be in residence with music producer Lee Affen at Ludus Dance between Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th of April 2019. There will be a free sharing of their work in progress on Thursday 18th from 5pm. They welcome members of the public as well as arts professionals to come and comment/provide feedback.

With a brief stint back in the studio, Good Grief will then premiere at BIG UP North Dance Theatre Festival on Friday 26th April in Market Square (9am & 4pm). Fear not though you can also catch Good Grief later on this year at the Southport Festival on Saturday 11th May.

About Good Grief

“In this life nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

So with grief an inevitable part of living why all the myth, taboo and awkwardness on discussing the inevitable?

Good Grief explores assumptions concerning life, death and memories. Is it at all possible to have good grief and always look on the bright side of life?

Good Grief is a Briggs & Lockwood production supported by Ludus Dance and the Southport Festival.

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