A self-taught film maker and video editor, I combine my skill as a creative expert to create micro experiences with meaning.

My interests lie in creative conceptualisation, filming and editing short films, music videos and production trailers.

Like much of my other work, I take a DIY approach to film making, finding low cost solutions for maximum results.

If you would like to chat about any of the above please email

music videos

Music: SHAR

Filming: briggsy & David Forrest (Your Enemy)

Editing: briggsy

short films

Music: briggsy

Filming & Editing: briggsy

Sober short film

Monologue: Phils the Blanks & briggsy

Filming, editing & animation: briggsy

Sound score: Phils the Blanks

production trailers

Music: Lee Affen (not LOTG promo)

Filming: briggsy & David Forrest (Land of the Giants & Good Grief)

Editing: briggsy