Can we move on?

We are surrounded by it. It’s all around us. We swim in it. Are consumed by it.

If endings (of all kinds) give life meaning, why does it always hit us so hard when it arrives?

Over the last year and through their work, artists Anthony Briggs (briggsy) and Charlotte Barber (SHAR) have been exploring different facets/ kinds/ types of grief.

“I recently experienced a loss. It was quick, immediate, unforeseen. Death dived in and took someone close to me. I didn’t hug him or say goodbye. We didn’t sit by his bedside while he passed. We weren’t allowed. He died in a room full of strangers. No family.” – briggsy

From the deep gut-wrenching grief associated with loss to the more elusive concept of ambiguous grief, briggsy and SHAR invited guests to join them for an evening of film and thoughtful discussion around that thing that no one seems to talk about.

We are in the process of planning a second event, scheduled for early 2021.