We talk about progression and growth as if they were simply gold plated badges to win and pin to a fancy suit.  Why does it feel like we are moving at the speed of light, yet standing completely still?

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (#IDAHOT), yet I live for the day when this day is no longer required.  When sex, gender and orientation are not labels or boxes to be placed in, but fluid, fluctuating currents in an ever diversifying sea.  Until that moment however, let us stand together in friendship.  I stand for equality and understanding, acceptance and love no matter the circumstance or context.  In the words of India Arie from 2006 “I am not my hair” (And I lost mine so I know what she is talking about!)

In April I made a new solo.  My first queer work since I started making and performing way back in 2005.  I have tried to pinpoint the exact moment when I felt it necessary to use my art and voice to speak for those with non, however it has thus far eluded me.  It was probably a number of things – inequalities not just within my own community, but others too.  Enabling me in a roundabout way to feel empowered, energised and ready to take arms against the injustice befalling local LGBTQ communities.

A phobia is irrational.  It’s a feeling.  An instinct.  To have hatred in your heart, for whatever reason, is not a phobia, it’s just hatred.  A spade really is a spade in some cases.

So before you use that derogatory word or phrase, just take a moment to look around and consider the ramifications of your actions.  Words cut deep. And its NOT OK!  Let’s fight love with love and try to use a bit more of our brains to accommodate for gender fluidity.

I will leave you with two things.  1. A link to the song Caramel, by John Grant HERE and 2. Some writing I did during the creation of The Room (below).


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